just a shell of what it could be

taken February 24, 2018 at the performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring by Marin Alsop and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

I bet Igor Stravinsky couldn’t even fathom the effects of his Rite of Spring. I bet Marin Alsop can only peek at the reform she’s bringing to the classical music world, not only as the first female American conductor, but also in her work to make music engaging to the audience.

Classical music has a reputation as high-class entertainment accessible only to rich, snooty, old people. Classical music is dying because the majority of its audience is of the older generation. Classical music is still male-dominated for absolutely no reason. Classical music is having an all-white orchestra in a city that is overwhelmingly of color. Classical music is a half-empty hall, the red velvet seats empty and folded, the hall echoing not only from the stunning acoustics of the architecture, but also from the emptiness that the pristine notes can reverberate in.

Classical music is also driven by change, a story with many chapters, a book that is still being written. Classical music is driven by innovators and the individual strong minds who see the world they are living in and are determined to write a new chapter. Classical music needs to be accessible to all, enjoyed by all. Classical music needs to breathe of youth. Classical music needs to speak of equality because harmony is fundamental to music itself. Classical music needs to reflect the city it is created in. Classical music needs to once again fill hearts and lives because music halls are only empty shells when they are not filled with people, just like music is only noise if it is not heard by hearts.


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